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Over 2000 children go missing every day, and that’s not all…Pets run off… Elderly and mentally disabled people get lost and how many times do we forget where we parked our car?

This is all history now.

Tool2Find is a small GPS tracker that helps you find it all; your children, grandfather, dog, car and even your luggage. The Tool works independent with its own GPS and GPRS connection, no need for other people’s smartphones to find what you are looking for.

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What it does for you

The smallest, most reliable GPS tracker to find your kids, elderlies and valuables. It’s that extra set of eyes that allows you to kick your feet up and relax.

365 Days Unlimited Usage

Tool2Find comes with a year of free data and roaming included.

365 Days Unlimited Usage

Tool2Find comes included with 365 days of usage and 20 credits (for SOS mode & location on demand).

Global Coverage

Tool2Find has global coverage.*

Global Coverage

Tool2Find will work glabally in 135 countries. For extra information please feel free to contact us

S.O.S. Button

Send a S.O.S. alert to the Tool2Find owner

S.O.S. Button

In case of an emergency the S.O.S. Button allows you to send a distress message to the parent and updates the location.

NSA Proof

Our secured server will safekeep your information.

NSA Proof

All data is trafficked through our secured server where not even the NSA can get to. We only store your last known location.

Panic Mode

A short period of high frequency of location updates

Panic Mode

When you lost someone/something you can activate Panic Mode, you’ll receive a location update every 10 seconds for 5 minutes.


A virtual fence with notification service.


Create a virtual safe zone and get notified on your phone whenever a Tool2Find enters or exits a safe zone.

Small And Strong

Tool2Find is small and reinforced with a silicone outer layer making it strong and water resistant (IP64).

Small And Strong

Tool2find may be a small gps tracker (60x46x12.5 mm) but it’s still a very strong device. It can restis water (ip65) and with its bumper case a drop on the ground wont harm it.

Rechargable Battery

Lasts for 24 hours on a single charge

Rechargable Battery

Tool2Find lasts 24 hours on a single charge and can be recharged with the included micro-usb cable.

Customize Your Tool

Attach the Tool2Find to your kids, pets and belongings by using specially created bumpers and clips.

Customize Your Tool

With every Tool2Find you buy you will get a extra bumper case, beltclip, lanyard and a usb charge cable.

We Make Your life Easier

Find anything / anyone anywhere at any time

No more panicked phone calls trying to ask the current location. You can locate it yourself on a map.

Personalization with custom image and name

Personalize every Tool2Find with it’s own name, avatar (image) and color.

Push Notifications

Receive important messages directly on your phone so you won’t need to keep an eye on the map the whole time.

Not skilled in reading maps?

For those who are not known with reading map we have a special feature build in App2Find. Augmented Reality gives you the oppurtunity to look around you with use of your phone/tablet camera. It shows you which direction you have to walk and how far you have to walk/drive.

Control Your Tool2Find

All necessary options are included in App2Find, so that you have full control within your pocket.

  • request current location
  • Set a geofence at your current position
  • Set to powersaving mode
  • Activating the panic mode
  • Changing the name
  • Changing the avatar
  • Changing the marker color
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Who Are We

Who is behind Tool2Find

Firm2Find B.V. designs and manufacturers the world’s best location based services to better manage People, Vehicles and Assets, ultimately building a better business by increasing control and awareness. We are based in The Netherlands with our team.

From left to right: Jacco van Mierlo (CMO), Daniël Brito (CTO), Rowan Mohaboe(Marketing & Communication), Miguel Delcour (CEO) & Annie Yip (COO)

Project Progression

Concept Development 100%
Prototyping 100%
Testing 100%
Production 40%

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